Monday, 2 January 2017

The Elephant in the Room..

Over the last few years I've blogged about wanting to slow down (in 'Stand and Stare') and the process of slowing down (in 'The Great Escape').  This year I thought that I'd tackle the elephant in my blogging room - the underpinning reason WHY I felt I had to refocus my life. 

Despite the challenges of my Mum's illness, we have a lot of fun over here.  I've missed posting about these moments and keeping in touch with other people's blogs.  Today I've spent quite a bit of time setting up the background pages, which explain HD and how it affects my family.  I hope that 'Housewife, 50' is going to be a little record of how we keep going, regardless of the difficult bigger picture (completely inspired by Nella Last ofcourse!!)

Happy New Year to you all!